Monthly Archives: July 2010

Industrial areas has a different kind of value. They are changeable. They are made to be changeable, used in changing conditions and changes its situation even after industrial activity had ended. Cultural activity is also very dynamic, and changes between states. Boundaries are fuzzy and can interact to anything around. 
These two notions intersect with each other, as they deal between each other. Warhol factory is a strong instance for this deal. It created its own cultural industry, culture as a consumable product. Still used industrial areas for cultural production. Warhol’s Silver Factory, which consists of many different art branches, has never separated one from each other. It forms a non-hierarchical relationship between each other and forms a field of fuzzy lines

Left is Higgins Hall, right is just a street on the way

Drawing water behaviors. Taken captions from a video and draw what is visible, w/o any abstraction from that. Drawing forces, and trying to understand how water movements are changing, in time. Aggregation of all the states gives one big picture of a water surface. A flat surface waiting to get into move.

Yes I don’t walk around nyc too much. (actually it is impossible to walk, just use subway) Staying at Clinton Hill, around Pratt. But these are taken from meat packing district, near chelsea piers. Shots from the area, and my interpretations will come after.