Manifest for *tectonics of (synthetic?) spaces between virtual and actual

Enhancements in information technology bring remarkable changes in urban life
especially in social aspect. Ability of multiple communication methods with multiple
persons change the way the city has been used, the urban program. This in fact,
causes a dissolution in urban program in various time periods. Existent built
environment cannot keep up with this rapid change. No space will actually be used in a
way it is intended to be. There are more layers of urban and architectural program than
it actual contains that exist in virtuality and digital. Information occupied in locations
affect the existence of actual, which brings the fact that virtual and actual collide with
each other like has never been before. This relationship constitutes need for a ‘synthetic
space’, some sort of space existent between the actual and virtual space occuring like
an interface. This interface manifests another kind of materiality whose tectonics are
vague and needs elemental sort of solutions with the help of new technological
enhancements in biology and chemistry..

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