Soft /rough/ space inside space

The transformation of point clouds into any sort of forms bring interesting solutions. The information generated by the various idiosyncratic situations can turn into 3d data – the very Cartesian space -; however the conclusion is a complex situation, cannot be systematized in an easy way.

Even though not directly related with the situation I described above, ‘White Elephant’ resembles the situation between point clouds and the Cartesian space, in context of the form. The following project named ‘White Elephant’ has been designed by Jimenez Lai and featured in Archinect.

sketch has been done by Orkun Beydağı related with the upper explanation, rest is Jimenez Lai’s material

The White Elephant is roughly 10’x10’x10’. It has three basic premises:

1. A building inside a building, somewhere between a super-furniture and a small house.

2. An object that tumbles to attain multiple orientations to blur the qualification plans and sections.

3. An object that is hard on the outside, soft on the inside.

Its exterior is clad with translucent polycarbonate, and the interior is stuffed cowhide. It tumbles and changes orientation and can flip to eight different stances.

What is a building that can tumble freely without gravity or fixed orientations, hard on the outside but soft on the inside, and obstructs the continuity of interior spaces like an elephant in a room? This installation is a freestanding micro building / macro furniture that questions projection, inside/outside, rigidity/fluidity and size/scale.

Showcase of the project

(taken from the article in Archinect – all materials are belong to Jimenez Lai)

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