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*sketches of a confused mind from Orsini’s statement

“Panta rei”, Heraclitus would say, “Everything Flows”, When I think about the future, that instant is already the
past, and has evolved into something else, perhaps the present. Time is a key element of perception. Our life experiences are
pure cognitive moments where space and time are the dialectic forces that guide us. Acceleration, simultaneity, collapse. We
live at the boundary where future, past and present merge.
All that matters is the duration.

Alessandro Orsini


When we think about the surroundings we eventually feel the concept of blending of the space and time. This feels to me quite an interesting situation since when we think about travelling in space (the actual endless black thing), we as a human will lose the time perception, since all our indicators will be lost, but we still be in surrounded by anything (black matter, etc). Planet earth creates all these material changes that builds up our perception of space-time that helps us not to become crazy and live anyhow.
Those changes are happening so rapidly so that we actually have an understanding of something can be past, present and future.
This brings a very understandable, linear approach to history, and brongs up with a universally approved time interval concept, which we actually can define ‘the present’. I don’t want to mention about the quantum or something, but try to think about what the materialty of today provokes that understanding and linearity of the approved history.
Concept of space is built with the static situations, static objects. Something is there and one can be there, or away from there. But what if we define somewhere with what is happening there, from human eye or not. So lets seperate the concepts of space and location. The concept of space can be defined by the activity, of human or non human. Of which can change the time interval in a different way, so we can mention about happenings that are happened (which still brings the past). However those past activities doesn’t have to be finished, or can never be finished but continue in different ‘locations’. So the activity never ends, and space (or spaces) will remain as a continuos flow, of what cannot be defined by time (edit. linear history instead of time) anymore.
This is strongly related with current materiality. Definition of space (and activity), which can be something more to think about (the blending of space and time) (and the blending of the past with future)

The workshop series – ‘Mimar Oluyorum’ (I am becoming an architect) held in SALT galata, Istanbul. Prismatic powers was one of the workshop topics, aiming high school students to gain interest on architecture and realize the geometric relationships of different 3 dimensional shapes created by folding surfaces.

First set was to draw, cut and fold surfaces to obtain a three dimensional object – a prism – and start to discover its potentials as spatial properties. Like light, sound, shadow, height, etc.

Second set started by creating a formal rectangular prism and cutting it in a way to obtain diamond shaped prisms, however also by staggering those objects, they started to act as different spaces come together, and new problems occurred with their gatherings.

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prismatic powers workshop pictures

Is it easier to understand and perceive the –hard to think about until we see- prismatic forms by experiencing, re and de-composing surface and solid relationships?

//workshop for pre-college-high school students pursuing to be architects

May 12, 2012 at SALT galata