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[house] —- one giant node all in the center of the crumpled lines. For every activity we achieve in daily life, we select ourselves one point inside all the mess and create our shelves. What purpose  –> we have physical needs – that’s why we have beds to sleep, wardrobe to store our clothes, bathroom for cleaning, kitchen for eating. They are packed in one single space of which we declare our own kingdom, the most important point in our domain.

Let’s set one point and define a rule like, you leave the point there is no limit how long you go, but there is a time limit and a certain speed. That’s exactly how we live our lives.  We need to sleep every night and can travel at most the distance we can go before we sleeping that night. This is everyday routine. Which is allright actually, we came all the way here living like that no problems, and will continue to live like that. But maybe it is not the best model to live, or we are too such organic beings that just want to change and cannot adopt ourselves. My intention is not to make the process mechanic, but to see the possibilities we can set variables like a space to support our needs, body time and speed. If we were in TARDIS (time and relative dimensions in space – time machine in famous sci-fi series Doctor Who) we can keep living still in the same routine but by traveling so so much faster, the space time cycle breaks, and our memories can fit more in a single day, or even a moment, that we change the routine and live longer, and more importantly do more things.

However, since TARDIS is -still- just a sci-fi element, there should be other ways of changing the routine. If we go back to the variables, simply as house, time and speed, the last two ones are still physical constants limited by our body, which leaves house as the entity needs to be changed. There was a recent article in the newspaper ‘Radikal’ (http://www.radikal.com.tr/Radikal.aspx?aType=RadikalDetayV3&ArticleID=1106354&CategoryID=79) about the nomad Dukha Turks. The very image below where we see tents (otağ) along with the image of an apartment building in Osmanbey, Istanbul arises the question about all the effort we give to build a home, and force ourselves to live in it. Centuries ago we chose to settle, build crops and look after them close by. Centuries passed, we no longer look after crops but found other ways to force ourselves living in a house, buy furniture and feel the chunk on our shoulders. Yes one option is to live like a nomad, or more like a backpackers, smelling in a hostel room, finding daily jobs, or getting a caravan like (hey I can move my house anywhere I want).

dukha osmanbeyapartment

Besides all, it is not the main point I want to discuss. There is a whole system problem that we still need homes. I agree having a house close to a agriculture field is necessary, but we built cities to live inside. And now another small cluster of points to live inside. What if we distribute the elements in the house throughout the city. Now our urban planning strategies includes housing as an entity. But what would happen if sleeping, cleaning, eating, chilling entities are distributed in the city. That can allow us to break free from coming back to (temporary) certain single point. I don’t know that could probably be something not very good, or not change anything. or maybe can.. keeps buzzing..

Orkun Beydağı


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