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arch 390

Materials have their ability to transform through time to adopt themselves in various conditions. Their inner capacity and potential to interact with outer information makes materials programmable entities. The aim of this seminar is to understand their behavior and compute them to get facilitate system of design according to these various interactions.

Course Objectives The objective of this course is to make students involve into system based design principles by understanding the physical material interactions and their adaptation abilities. Computational tools will be used to simulate these material behavior. Course has two main steps: testing material interactions with basic experiments, trying to understand its adaptation potentials and applying these potentials into a system based design. Understanding the interior dynamics (internal forces) of the components of the system, along with the exterior forces is an important key factor. Various software implementation will be tried. Maya and Rhino Grasshopper will be used as a main tool to simulate material behavior and apply it to system design. Students are expected to gain knowledge on urban theories, nature systems, and their together implementation in computational design.


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