the ocean and the brain

In a black and white movie — five different scenes, all has the same scenarial importance and related with each other. Some are even filmed in color. You want to remember them all- because you liked them all and their cross-relation and filming technique. But all you remember exactly is that sharp sound, which turned out to be a well known song to you. A very image of a distorted clarinet and the very sound of the entrance of “the Plug(live)” (by Bonobo) — you are not sure if it is clarinet at all— A guy in his late twenties plany it to a lady, probably older, dining with another man. That is too “cliche” you think- you never like “cliche’s” You are sure other scenes are much ‘better’ but just because of that strong sound of the song – “the cliche” stuck in your mind.

It looks as if like it is an independent movie, but it is not obvious if independent from your brain patterns. You are sure it is made inside of it, since the moment after, you find youself in your bed.

Solaris might be the usual suspect. You started reading its ‘book’ for the first time (Lem, 1961). Maybe not the ocean, but the idea of it is creating these dreams. Wasn’t that you flying a helicopter above Chicago some nights ago, with an old couple, trying to find them a hotel room? But where does all these Freudian ideas come from? You don’t like Freud, find it too “cliche” again. There is all the netrino- quark, etc. happening in your brain – very mechanical everything. It must be it, and you are still wondering about the rest of the scenes.

//images are taken from the book “LEPER CREATIVITY: CYCLONOPEDIA SYMPOSIUM © The individual contributors and punctum books, 2012.”

Orkun Beydagi

geotrauma1 geotrauma2

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