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Self -oneself -myself -selfish -select -fish
                                                               -water -earth -weed -oxygen -methane
                                                                            -concrete -wood -cloud -light

Self, a being is part of a whole thing, rather than an individual isolated from environment. It is a part of nature-environment that exists because of them and for them. It is the celebration of the self, as well as the earth, the planet Earth, together with its systematic in the planetary space.

Self in nature and nature in self creates an atmosphere together with the materiality of the environment. What is an atmosphere and how it can be defined, generated, captured? In an island ecology, how can we refer to an atmosphere that is specific to the place, the location, apart from a city ecology, which will praise awareness of the self and its environment altogether?

What is the place where ‘self’ becomes “one” with the environment, what is the atmosphere that generates it?