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The lecture on the topic of `changeable information and material properties` held in Istanbul Technical University under the lecture activity of Pratt Visiting School Istanbul

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by Yoko Saigo

This project proposes a cultivation device that produces an environmental condition by understanding the potential for localized ecosystems. With and without human intervention, the condition of the environment has been changed and continues to change. This can be applied to a variety of scales, from the climate of the arctic pole to the humidity of a bathroom. These condition changes cause different system of biological relationship.

For example, slime mold, one kinds of fungus, has interesting moment of adaptation. When the temperature and humidity of the forest reach a certain point, they swam over the field. Some kinds of insects which eat slime molds increase their number as well and carry more spore of fungus, but because those insects carry other kinds of fungus spore too, they grow as well. Those fungus including slime molds compete to survive again and balance the number after all. Eventually dead insects become nutrition of mushroom bed. This is one of billion cycles for local organism systems. Those cycles has potential for changes depends on the environment and create another cycles to balance the situation.

After the nuclear power plant in Fukushima had hydrogen explosion, the land, the water and air include great amount of cesium. There is black fungus funded in Chernobyl which absorb cesium instead of carbon. The architecture device provides the certain condition to cultivate the relationship between fungus and cesium in the site of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima.

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