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people gets inside — new babylon —  actual new babylon

and a way to realize it- virtual new babylon

a total sharing of experience   —- think you are inside a structure and you interact with it – and create a library of movements

how you can store your movements – how this structure react to your movements

you can sell your movements to someone else – your movements are actually stored inside that structure

structure that imitates human movement. they store the information in the structural genes.

structures that stores human movement information

because ____

in 2048 – information will be anywhere, and it can be accessible in any case. law makers cannot force copyrights to people and it will be an open source world with no

value to hold information. on that case the know how which is still material – learned by experience – will become valuable.

informative structures    —-  actual animation

structures — air movement – reaction with air and smart material of structure.